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Especially this atelier ROJUE is the curriculum which made the human body sketch the subject, and is one of a few drawing school in Japan
It is not easy to train yourself to life drawings because life tomif (art model) is not easily found. Atelier ROJUE prepares various type of life models for dessin and croquis in an economical budget.

From Principal

Your will builts your skill. Your heart makes your drawings best. The word talent means continuous effort you will do every day.

Thank you for visiting our Website.
Atelier ROJUE focus on drawing human body in nude to foster your skills of drawing. This approach will make you be aware how beautiful the act of drawing is.

Art schools are generally recognized following with strict teachers and tough training that are not of fun. Atelier ROJUE aims to preclude such kind of factors in the lessons.
We also aim to exercise practical skills of drawing human.
Nowadays it is generally required for art students if they like to work in offices for game software, Computer Graphic, Character designing, Manga comics, fashion designers and any kind of jobs that need to give a nice visual approaches.

In fact however, art students are not given well of good opportunities to draw human bodies under reality of art education system in Japan. We realized solving this problem.
Your visit to us for a trial lesson is welcomed.
Any people who is motivated to try is welcome. Just make contact to the following address.
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