Instroduction of Lessons

Main Course

dessin at model with cross
In the Main Course you are trained with sketches of Still Life objects, Plaster figures and Life models. Here is a photo of life model in dress.
Students are quite earnest.
She is intent and concentrated not aware of camera being approached.
本科生 静物デッサン実習風景
They are trying to making comparison between their drawing and medical sketches.


Unlike dessin, croquis is done changing your position to sketch at. It is recommended to sketch a motif in various angles, then you will feel yourself trained well specially at your sense and fingers.
Personal Instructions to your works.
You may be shy, but don’t mind. Showing your sketches and seeing the same of others will help you making your skill better.
It’s fun to sketch human faces.
This lesson always gives lively reactions among the students.

Life model dessin

Life model dessin is done at the fixed position through all the process.
Everybody is intent and concentrated. In the lesson of this class we ask you all to keep silence, but spontaneously they become silent. Handy phones are kept off.
Life model gives quite exciting impression unlike still life tomif or plaster figures. Only life model can give you the opportunity to draw with feeling skeleton of human body.
On the final day Mr. Watanabe the chief instructor gives evaluations to the works. This is not a criticism but instructions to let your drawings become better in skills.
Good job! Colored drawing of dressed model is one of most difficult theme.
Skin of the model is expressed skillfully.

Art model 海斗 ブログ

Art Model 海斗 -Kaito-

渡邊一翔 個人工房

渡邊一翔 個人工房ページ